Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You Dropped a 'Cherry Bomb' on Me, Baby!

     Orly has another hit with me! I was strolling through CVS the other day looking at the Orly Nail Lacquer display, when 'Cherry Bomb' caught me eye, and I had to grab it seeing as how I had a coupon handy. (I never buy any cosmetics/nail lacquers without a coupon or discount!) This color is a warm red with gold shimmer laced through, and it reminds me of a ripe, swollen cherry sitting on top of a vanilla milkshake in the heat of July. (My midnight hunger is kicking in. ☺) 
     I believe this color is a part of Orly's regular line, so I suggest you definitely check it out and see if this is the red for you. It applies beautifully, and the color has so much depth. Orly nail lacquers are $6-7 at CVS, Sally Beauty Supply, and Ulta.


  1. Very pretty! I wish I could pull off a red!! And I wish I had a milkshake too lol

  2. Very pretty! I like that color. I would like a milkshake too but they have to many carbs!

  3. @Mary Wilkey, you and me, both! Chocolate milkshake! With your milky skin, you could pull off a cool red, easily! Just like a fair snow white. :)

  4. @Suse aloo, life's no good without carbs. :)