Friday, March 18, 2011

Sinful Colors Professional Nail Lacquer in 'Fly Away'

     Sinful Colors Nail Lacquer has such an array of color choices, and they are so, so cheap! I love going to my local Walgreens to see what new colors are available. The last time I went, they had their Summer colors out, and one of the colors I picked up is named 'Fly Away'. 'Fly Away' is such a fitting name for this color because it looks just like a cloudless, blue sky. This is such a tart shade of bright blue, and it's really just lovely for Spring or Summer. Having this color on my toenails just screams, "Take me to the beach!"
     In the pictures below, I have two coats on, plus a clear coat on top. This formula is really easy to apply and stays on for several days, which is surprising because it's only $1.99. I really love this color, especially for a pop of color on my toes. I definitely recommend checking this out at your local Walgreens!


  1. I like that color. I want to try it next. Cute elephant:)