Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Zoya Dannii

     I have never tried a Zoya nail polish until now. 'Dannii' is one of the colors from Zoya's new Intimate Collection. It is a blue-based purple with silver and pink shimmer. When I picked this up at Ulta, I loved the color in the bottle, and could not wait to try it when I got home. It's another perfect purple for Spring. The color is very pretty, and the shimmer is beautiful...I just don't get the WOW factor from it; am I missing something? I don't feel it's very unique out of the bottle, but I'm also not a big purple girl.
     The formula ran very thick and gloppy the first time I applied this polish, and on two of my fingers I had to take off all the polish and re-apply. After that, the polish seemed to wear fine.
     Zoya nail lacquers are $6-8 at Ulta and, and normally has some amazing deals when you sign up for an account on their website.
     Is this a purple you would wear? What are some of your favorite purple nail lacquers?


  1. I thought the color was pretty. Maybe you will let me try it sometimes. I like turtles.

  2. Thanks, Suse aloo. I will let you try it, turtle-girl.