Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sinful Colors Mercury Rising Nail Polish

     Recently Walgreens had a sale on their Sinful Colors nail polish, and I picked up a couple of colors including Mercury Rising. Sinful Colors are normally $1.99, and for the last week of April they were only $0.99! Mercury Rising is a deep, dark, brownish burgundy with subtle coppery shimmer. This is definitely not your typical Spring color, but my mom loves vampy nail colors, so of course she picked this one to try! This colors looks absolutely gorgeous on fairer skin tones, and I think it looks fabulous on my mom's pale hands. My mom used two coats in the pictures below, and even though she painted her nails last night, as you can see, she has some tip wear because my parents spent most of the day helping friends clean up the damage and debris from this week's horrible tornados.
     Sinful Colors is a great budget buy, and I normally don't go into Walgreens without coming out with at least one bottle of this polish. Most of the line is really pigmented and the wear time is really impressive for being an inexpensive nail polish.
Have you tried out Mercury Rising? What's your favorite Sinful Colors polish?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Color Club You Got Soul-ar from Starry Temptress Collection 2011

      This is the first nail polish that I have tried from Color Club, and I was really impressed with it! You Got Soul-ar is a bright orange, and indoors it looks slightly neon, but outdoors, it completely changes to an eye-catching safety-cone wow-ser orange! This color is definitely not for the neutral nail polish lovers. This is for those who like something a little different; it's a color that begs for attention when you walk by.
     All of the colors from the Starry Temptress collection have glitter in them, but after the polish dries on the nails, the glitter kind of settles into the color, I think imitating stars in the night sky. That is why the collection also has a glitter topcoat, which is a clear polish with multi-colored glitter, and I do have that top coat on in these pictures. I used two coats of You Got Soul-ar, plus one coat of the glitter top coat in the pictures below.
     You Got Soul-ar is perfect for summer, when you are lying by the pool and you need a bright flash of color on your tips. I got these for $3 each at What do you think? Too bright or just right? :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Zoya Tanzy Swatches

     Tanzy is one of the colors from the Zoya Sunshine Summertime 2011 collection, and it is a mix of peach and orange with golden shimmer laced through that is perfectly gorgeous for this time of year. Unlike Kimmy, Tanzy is a lot more sheer and requires more coats for better color payoff. In the photos below, two coats were used, but I think with three coats the color would be more opaque. I have just recently found the nail polish brand Color Club, and I am really impressed with it so far! For the polkadots on the ring finger I used Color Club's 'Rebel Debutante' from the Rebel Debutante collection of 2010, which is a bright, creamy green. Let me know what you think of Tanzy! What color polkadots would go well with this color? Do you have any other nail design ideas?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm Having a 'Happy Ending' with Sinful Colors

     What I love about Sinful Colors nail polish is that it is so extremely inexpensive ($1.99 each). You can literally go into Walgreens and buy four of their nail polishes for less than the price of one OPI nail polish. Last Friday I went into Walgreens and came out with some gorgeous Spring colors to sport on my nails, including this color named 'Happy Ending'.
     'Happy Ending' is a gorgeous bright grassy green with granny apple green shimmer. This has to be one of my favorite colors to date! I used three coats in the pictures below, and while it applies somewhat streaky at first, three coats evens it out.
     I have had this mani on since Saturday night, and I have only had three nails chip, which I promptly repaired.
    This is a fantastic color for Spring, perfect for when you have the first scents of freshly cut grass in the air.
    If you are also wondering about that little white seashell on my ring finger, it is a 'nail tat' from They have the cutest nail tattoos, they are so easy to apply, and this is just one of many designs they offer. ☺

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Crackle Time! with OPI Black Crackle

     I always thought Crackle nail polishes looked cool when I was younger, but I just never gave them much thought this year when China Glaze and OPI came out with their limited edition Crackle collections. However, at a recent visit to Ulta, Lori, one of my friends from college, suggested that I try OPI Black Crackle. I promptly grabbed it and tried it as soon as I got home. ☺
     The reason Crackle nail lacquers are so unique is because you paint a layer over completely dry nail polish, and it just "crackles" before your eyes. Afterwards you are left with a really interesting nail art effect. If you paint it on thick, the cracks are wider and less in number. If you paint it on thinner, the cracks are, in turn, thinner and occur more in number.
     As you can see below, the effect is really unique and so cool. The only problem with the formula I found was that after I had done a few fingers, the polish becomes somewhat thick and hard to work with. However, with some patience you get really great "Crackle Nails." 
     I am wearing Zoya Kimmy underneath the Black Crackle in the pictures below. I don't really like putting red and black together unless it is Halloween, but Zoya Kimmy is the polish I had on at the time. ;)
     China Glaze has a great Crackle collection that includes a grey, purple shimmer, teal green, and white. I think this black would look so pretty on a bright Spring color like lime green or pastel blue.
     OPI nail lacquers retail for $8.50 and can be found at Ulta, Target, and other salons.

What do you think about this Crackle polish? Is this something you would try?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Zoya's Kimmy

     When I first saw the swatches from Zoya's Sunshine Collection on another blogger's site, I immediately knew I was going to get the whole collection. Needless to say, I was beside myself when I found out that Zoya was having a buy one, get one free promotion plus only $2 shipping! I couldn't wait until these nail lacquers arrived via FedEx, and when they finally did, they were just as gorgeous in person as they were online. The first one I tried was Kimmy, which is a bright cherry red with luscious gold shimmer infused throughout. This polish was completely opaque in two coats, and the color literally sparkles from the inside because of the gold shimmer. Zoya is supposed to be one of the longest lasting nail lacquers on the market, and it really did last for five days with only minor tip wear. Kimmy is an absolutely stunning shade that would be perfect for either Summer or Christmas because of the red mixed with gold sparkle. It is definitely a must-have in my opinion!
Where to Buy and How Much? Zoya nail lacquers are found on and are $8 each.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Zoya Summertime Collection Summer 2011

     I am rapidly becoming a fan of Zoya nail lacquer. :) This year, Zoya has come out with three different summer collections, and the first one is aptly called 'Summertime'. When my package from Zoya came in the mail the other day, some sample swatches came in the box, which is actually a great idea so that their customers can see the colors.
The new 'Summertime' swatches are below.
Left to Right:
Sooki is a bright tomato red cream
Tamsen is a darker, brick red cream
Kieko is a deep grape purple cream
Areej is a a fuscia purple cream
Mira is a royal blurple cream
Breezi is a bright sky blue cream

I just love the way Zoya names their polishes. It is so creative and unique! What do you think about this collection? Is it a pass for you, or do you see some that peak your interest?