Monday, March 14, 2011

Being Scan-happy for the First Time!

     Is a bad thing when you ask the store clerk where to start a gift registry, and she automatically asks me if it's for a baby registry before I can get the word 'wedding' out of my mouth? :) As if I didn't already have enough stress to tone down for the wedding! Now I am going to have to re-evaluate my Operation Wedding Dress Diet! Just kidding. I just laughed it off and proceeded to follow the instructions on the in-store kiosk to offically start my wedding registry. Today was a first for me. I have been dreaming of this day for a very long time - my fiance and I started a wedding registry today for our upcoming nuptials in October. Yes, I have been dreaming of toting that little scanner around a retail store for forever now, gleefully choosing items for my future house, not because I want to pick out gifts, but because of what it means for us as a couple in terms of a new step in our lives together.
     One of the moments from when we were registering today keeps playing over and over in my head. I can still see it clearly. We had just started scanning items when I stopped and placed my hands on Sean's face, his beard rough against my palms, looked him in the eyes, grinned and half-jokingly said, "This is a milestone for us. We will remember this for the rest of our lives!" He smiled back at me and said something along the lines of me being goofy as usual.
    However 'goofy' I was being, in all honesty, we really will remember our first experience registering for the rest of our lives. I will remember the way we would choose a skillet or a pot, and Sean would lift the box and find the barcode for me to scan, I will remember randomly bumping into my future brother and sister-in law shopping at the same store for their new baby, and I will remember the plates that I had first picked out that Sean hated. :) I will remember that before we scanned anything, we were searching for our first item, and I was asking Sean, "Do we need this? Let's scan that!" about different things, and he said I was just being scan-happy. Haha (Even though it was funny watching Sean scan items, because although he may act like it wasn't a big deal, I could tell he enjoyed it just as much as I did!) When we did finally find our first item, it was a long lamp that you put in your living room beside a couch or a chair, he picked up the box, and before I scanned, I asked him if he wanted to put his finger on the scan trigger along with mine, just so we can scan our first item at the same time. I was kidding around, and he said,"Just scan the thing!" Haha
     There are many moments I will remember from today, but most of all, I will remember the fact that it was our first time choosing together things that we will both own. It will be the first time that something won't be mine or his, but ours. For me, today meant picking out things that will reside in the home we will start together, choosing things that will symbolize the meshing of two people's lives into one.


  1. That is a great story! I am happy for both of ya'll. As for me being the mom, it will be sad moment for me because you will be leaving home. I love my little poochie mae.

  2. Promise I cried when I read this, I am so happy for you and Sean. I love how you put into words about how registering for gifts its more than what people think! It is a big milestone! I'm so happy for you two!!

  3. @Suse a loo, I will be sad, too! I love my pookie mama. :)

  4. @Mary Wilkey, aww! Thank you! It really is an emotional step! Thank you for reading it!! :)

  5. well that was sooo sweet!! lol You are right, it is one of those things you will very fondly remember! I am so happy for ya'll. Can I get you the Lamp? lol

  6. Haha, Mary, that would be so sweet! lol Thank you for reading! ☺