Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sinful Colors Energetic Red

Let me start off by saying this is absolutely one of my favorite red polishes I have ever worn. Maybe it's because it's summertime that I love this polish so much, because it is a warmer, brighter red than most 'winter' reds.

I bought Sinful Colors Energetic Red last week at Walgreens, so you should still be able to find it.

Energetic Red applied like liquid butter, and the photos below show two coats.

What do you think about Energetic Red? I absolutely, positively LOVE it!

MAC Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner in Black Line

I wanted to write this post to show you my absolute favorite eye liner of the moment ~ MAC Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner in Black Line.

I bought this eye liner a year or so ago, and it is a very beautiful and pigmented eye liner. It is black with an olive green tint to it, and that's what makes it unique. Black Line also has nice glitter/shimmer, but the texture of it is not gritty. I would not use it on my waterline, however, because the glitter is probably not safe for eyes.

You can see from the photo above that I had a little battle with the eyeliner sharpener. lol

What do you think about Black Line? Do you like MAC Cosmetics? You can still purchase Black Line on the MAC website.

Friday, July 19, 2013

China Glaze Velvet Bow

This will be a quick post! I found these two pictures in my nail polish folder on my computer, so I thought I would share them with you.

Don't judge me on the quality of the photos! These were taken a while

This is China Glaze Velvet Bow. This should be two coats of Velvet Bow. It is a beautiful burgundy polish that I will try and wear again in the Fall!

What do you think of Velvet Bow?

Barielle Berry Blue & Essie Shine of the Times

I want to go ahead and warn you - this post has a lot of pictures in it!

Barielle Berry Blue is the perfect dark navy blue. It is just so chic. I wore it last week in the middle of July, but I feel like I could wear it in the Fall and Winter, too.

Shown below are two coats of Berry Blue, which was really easy to apply. I then used one coat of Essie Shine of the Times on my ring finger for an accent. Shine of the Times is one of the best 'Flakie" polishes there is. I actually have two bottles of SotT because I love it so much. :)

The reason I took so many pictures is to show how beautiful Shine of the Times is over Berry Blue! The flake glitter just changes from color to color over the dark blue polish. I love it!

What do you think of this combination? Do you love it?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Zoya Ivanka

Today I've got swatches of Zoya Ivanka!

Zoya Ivanka is a shimmery forest green metallic polish. This polish would be perfect for Christmas time! 

I know this technically isn't a "summer" polish, but I saw it sitting out at my house and I wanted to try it! 

I used three coats for the photos below:

What do you think about green polish? Thanks for reading!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

OPI Solitaire

Today I have pictures of OPI Solitaire for you!

OPI Solitaire is one of the prettiest texture polishes, in my opinion. It's subtle but sparkly, and you can't go wrong with a delicate white polish.

The best feature about texture polish is that you don't have to use a top coat, which saves a lot of time for me! 

Shown below are two coats if OPI Solitaire:

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Crock Pot Lemon Pepper Chicken

I've got a short and simple post for you today featuring chicken I cooked in the crock pot a little while ago. I like to cut back on carbs during the week, so a lot of the time I will just eat meat for lunch or dinner.

For this quick chicken dish, here are the ingredients I used:

Great Value Lemon Pepper Marinade
Black Pepper (not pictured)
Thin Sliced Chicken Breasts

My husband and I actually prepared this together, so we placed the chicken breasts in the slow cooker, along with about half of the bottle of the marinade, some water and black pepper. I then sliced the lemon and placed the slices on top of the chicken.

We let it cook on low for 8-9 hours, and this is how it turned out:

I really liked the way this chicken turned out! It was full of flavor, and it was so easy to make and take for my lunch at work. I like my chicken tougher, so the texture to this chicken turned out to my liking.

What do you think of this chicken recipe? What's your favorite slow cooker chicken recipe? Thanks for reading!

Sinful Colors Sail La Vie

You can't really go wrong with buying a Sinful Colors polish. Especially when they are $0.99 on sale at Walgreens. Every now and then you might find a 'dud' polish from Sinful Colors, but more often than not, you find a great polish at a great price.

Sinful Colors Sail La Vie is definitely a winner! It is the perfect beachy-blue polish for summer. I loved it so much that I also used this polish for a pedicure. It's just so fun and fresh. I honestly believe this breezy blue will complement any other color you wear!

In the photos below I used two coats of Sail La Vie and a top coat.

What do you think of Sail La Vie? Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

OPI Too Hot Pink To Hold 'Em

Let me start off by saying I absolutely love this polish!!!

OPI Too Hot Pink To Hold 'Em is a reddish pink jelly polish that is absolutely perfect for summer. I just found this polish in my stash and I had completely forgotten I bought it. 

For an accent nail I did two coats of THPTHE, one coat of China Glaze Scattered & Tattered, and one coat of THPTHE on top of that to make a jelly sandwich. The rest of my nails I used three coats of THPTHE.

What do you think? I love this polish!