Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Backstage with Stila's Eyeshadow Palette

     Stila's Backstage eyeshadow palette was released in the Fall of 2010, but you can probably still find it on, eBay, or  Stila's eyeshadows are so buttery, smooth and pigmented. I actually bought two of these because I had already purchased one, and then Stila had a free gift promotion, so I bought another one, and I don't regret it!
     This palette contains 0.39 oz. of eyeshadow, and from left to right, top to bottom, the colors are Chiffon, Flamingo, Pacific, Luster, Poetic, and Coal.

Chiffon is a peachy nude with tons of shimmer. I probably use this color the most because it's really easy for an all over eyelid color. Then you can use another color for the crease.
Flamingo is a fuschia hot pink with a very subtle purple sheen. I haven't played around with this color much, but I can't wait to mix it with some oranges and golds for summer!
Pacific is just like it sounds - like the deep blue ocean. It's a gorgeous inky blue color with a slight blurple sheen.
Luster is a beautiful mocha color. This is a great option for a tame work-place eye look, you could put this in the crease, along with Chiffon on the eyelid.
Poetic is this mysterious mauve color that is slightly grey in some lights, and a dark lavender in others. This shade is really unique.
Coal is really gorgeous, but I am curious about the name. I would think a color with Coal as its name would be a black/grey combination. But, no, this is a dark, emerald teal that is perfect for green lovers.

In the look below, I used Chiffon all over the eyelid and then Poetic in the crease and in the outer corner with Urban Decay's Perversion eyeliner on the upper lashline and lower waterline.
What do you think? What kind of look would you create with this palette?

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