Friday, March 25, 2011

OPI 'Melon of Troy' Nail Lacquer

     'Melon of Troy' from OPI is a shimmery, peachy-melon color that is stunning and perfect for Spring. This color is definitely eye-catching, but has enough pink in it that makes the color innocent enough for more conservative nail polish users. I really love this color for Spring, but I also think this is such a gorgeous color for Valentine's, too, even though it's not a true pink. I used two coats in the picture below, and the nail polish wore extremely well, except for the minor chip on my pinky finger below. It took four days before this polish starting to chip enough for it to become annoying.
     It is a great color, and I found this at Ulta, where they retail for $8. Before you go to Ulta, always go on their website and print out the $3.50 off of $10 coupon!
     What do you think about this color? Is this a good Spring polish for you?


  1. I love it I think its very pretty!

  2. Thanks, Mary! What is your favorite OPI color?

  3. Oh thats a tough one, I really love You Don't Know Jacques!, Sweet Heart, and I have a really light purple but the sticker came off the bottle so I don't know whats it called =( But those are my top 3 but I love all O.P.I Whats your favorite?

  4. @Mary Wilkey, I have heard soo much about You Don't Know Jacques! I have not tried it, yet, but I have seen it at Ulta. What do you like about it? I'm going to have to look up Sweet Heart, too. Hmmm, probably my favorite so far are the ones from the Burlesque collection because I love me some shimmer!

  5. @Bargain B, thanks for reading! :D