Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Feel Precious with Orly Royal Velvet Nail Polish!

     I first saw the Orly Precious Nail Polish Collection at Sally Beauty Supply, and I knew I had to pick up a couple of colors. The collection includes (bottom, from left to right) Porcelain, Gilded Coral, Fancy Fuschia, Ancient Jade, Sapphire Silk, and Royal Velvet.

     Royal Velvet looked so gorgeous in the bottle, I quickly snatched that one up, along with Fancy Fuschia. I am contemplating going back and getting Porcelain, Gilded Coral, and Ancient Jade. They are not must-haves for me, but they are pretty colors. Sapphire Silk just looks really plain.
     After I had used three coats of Royal Velvet, the color was breathtaking, and I couldn't quit looking at my nails. This is really one of my favorite nail polishes I've ever worn. It is a deep blue with a purple and red duo-chrome, and in different lights it definitely turns from blue to reddish purple. I love it! The first nail chipped slightly on the fourth day, and the pictures below are from the fifth day of wear.

I was really impressed with this color, and they are $6-7 each at Sally Beauty Supply and Ulta.

What do you think? What colors spark your interest from this collection? Would you wear Royal Velvet?

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