Thursday, March 31, 2011

Finding a 'Silver Lining' with China Glaze Nail Lacquer

     I just happened upon this 'Silver Lining', again, at Sally Beauty Supply on clearance for $1. What a great price for this polish! It is a sparkly silver glitter polish, and in the pictures below, I used two coats.
The only bad thing about the nail polish is that it took FOREVER to remove, as most glitter polishes do. What do you think? Is this a good sparkly choice for you?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

OPI 'Significant Other Color'

     When I first saw OPI's 'Significant Other Color' at Ulta, I immediately grabbed it because it was so different; I had never seen another color like it. It is a pink-lavender with a green duo-chrome shimmer. It was so gorgeous in the bottle! However, when I painted the first coat on, it was very sheer. So, I added two more coats, and while it added more color, it was still on the sheer side. In the pictures below, you can still faintly see my nail line underneath three coats of the polish. When I was done with three coats, I was....underwhelmed with the color. I was expecting something that didn't quite blend in with my skin so much. However, it would be a nice conservative work place nail polish, and I do plan to experiment with this color by layering it over other Spring-time nail colors.
What do you think?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Marital Cooking Practice #1: Salsa Rice

     Ok, I know this has nothing to do with makeup or beauty products. BUT, I am getting married this year, and I need some practice cooking for my future hubby so that we don't starve! So, I decided that each week I will attempt to cook at least one item, and post pictures and tell you about the experience.
     This week I decided to try a very simple recipe from Dr. Weil's Optimum Health Plan e-mails that I receive once a day, and it is called Salsa Rice.
     The ingredients are only brown rice and a salsa of your choice. The recipe says to use 2 tbsp of salsa per 1/2 cup of rice, and the instructions are to just mix the salsa into the rice.
     So, after work today I went to the local Food Lion and picked up Minute Instant Whole Grain Brown Rice and Herdez Medium Salsa.

     When I got home, I just followed the directions for cooking the rice on the stove, which were to boil the water, add the rice, and simmer for five minutes, covered.

     After the rice had soaked up all of the water, I began to add the salsa 2 tbsp at a time, until I reached the desired taste. I believe I ended up with 8 tbsp of salsa in 3 cups of rice. I stirred the salsa and the rice together, and it honestly just made a beautiful color when mixed. I added salt as needed.

     When the rice was done, it tasted just like it sounds. The rice was very fulfilling, with a tomato and pepper salsa taste added. The salsa taste was not overwhelming, but you can obviously add as much salsa as you like to get more flavor. It's such an easy recipe to throw together for a quick side with chicken or any meat you have prepared. Let me know what you think if you try it!

'Peace on Earth' with China Glaze Nail Lacquer

     I LOVE this color! I found this nail polish also on clearance for $2 at Sally Beauty Supply. It is 'Peace on Earth', and it was a part of the China Glaze 2010 Holiday Collection. It is an olive green with yellow and gold shimmer, and it reminds me of green camoflauge.
     This color applied very smoothly, and there are two coats in the pictures below. What do you think? Is this the green for you?


Sunday, March 27, 2011

'Naughty or Nice' Orly Nail Lacquer

     I know I have been doing a lot of nail polish reviews and swatches lately, and it is for two reasons. One reason is because I have been really busy lately planning a wedding and working, so nail polish posts are quick and easy to do. The second reason is because I have been on a nail polish kick lately. :) I have just been finding so many great colors recently, also.
     So, here is another nail polish that I found on clearance at Sally Beauty Supply for $2.  It was a part of Orly's 2010 Holiday Collection, so obviously the ones left over were clearanced out. This was the only Orly polish I found in the clearance bin, and after debating on whether to purchase it because it is Spring, my mom likes vampy colors, so I knew she would love it.
     The color is called 'Naughty or Nice', and it is a very dark purple-brown that looks black unless you look closely. There are two coats in the pictures below, and as you can see, you reach full opacity with two coats. However, it is easy with a dark color for scratches to show, so I would recommend a clear top coat.  Like I said, my mom loves dark colors, and she said this is her favorite nail polish color to date.
     If you like dark, vampy colors, then this is the polish for you!

Friday, March 25, 2011

OPI 'Melon of Troy' Nail Lacquer

     'Melon of Troy' from OPI is a shimmery, peachy-melon color that is stunning and perfect for Spring. This color is definitely eye-catching, but has enough pink in it that makes the color innocent enough for more conservative nail polish users. I really love this color for Spring, but I also think this is such a gorgeous color for Valentine's, too, even though it's not a true pink. I used two coats in the picture below, and the nail polish wore extremely well, except for the minor chip on my pinky finger below. It took four days before this polish starting to chip enough for it to become annoying.
     It is a great color, and I found this at Ulta, where they retail for $8. Before you go to Ulta, always go on their website and print out the $3.50 off of $10 coupon!
     What do you think about this color? Is this a good Spring polish for you?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You Dropped a 'Cherry Bomb' on Me, Baby!

     Orly has another hit with me! I was strolling through CVS the other day looking at the Orly Nail Lacquer display, when 'Cherry Bomb' caught me eye, and I had to grab it seeing as how I had a coupon handy. (I never buy any cosmetics/nail lacquers without a coupon or discount!) This color is a warm red with gold shimmer laced through, and it reminds me of a ripe, swollen cherry sitting on top of a vanilla milkshake in the heat of July. (My midnight hunger is kicking in. ☺) 
     I believe this color is a part of Orly's regular line, so I suggest you definitely check it out and see if this is the red for you. It applies beautifully, and the color has so much depth. Orly nail lacquers are $6-7 at CVS, Sally Beauty Supply, and Ulta.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Zoya Dannii

     I have never tried a Zoya nail polish until now. 'Dannii' is one of the colors from Zoya's new Intimate Collection. It is a blue-based purple with silver and pink shimmer. When I picked this up at Ulta, I loved the color in the bottle, and could not wait to try it when I got home. It's another perfect purple for Spring. The color is very pretty, and the shimmer is beautiful...I just don't get the WOW factor from it; am I missing something? I don't feel it's very unique out of the bottle, but I'm also not a big purple girl.
     The formula ran very thick and gloppy the first time I applied this polish, and on two of my fingers I had to take off all the polish and re-apply. After that, the polish seemed to wear fine.
     Zoya nail lacquers are $6-8 at Ulta and, and normally has some amazing deals when you sign up for an account on their website.
     Is this a purple you would wear? What are some of your favorite purple nail lacquers?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mermaid Blue with Sinful Colors in 'Love Nails'

     Now, this is what I call a Mermaid Blue! I've been on such a nail polish kick lately, and I want to show you all the cool colors I've been finding! This color is so gorgeous, and perfect for summer. 'Love Nails' a teal blue with a slight green sheen, which makes it look like silk in a bottle. I love this color; it's different, it's fun, and it's perfect to wear on a summer vacation. Three coats were used in the pictures below because it is a more sheer formula. I would suggest putting a clear coat on top to extend wear time.
     What a great budget gem! I definitely recommend 'Love Nails' for a pop of blue on your fingers. This is another color from the Sinful Colors line, and you can find them at Wal-greens for $1.99.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Sinful Colors Professional Nail Lacquer in 'Fly Away'

     Sinful Colors Nail Lacquer has such an array of color choices, and they are so, so cheap! I love going to my local Walgreens to see what new colors are available. The last time I went, they had their Summer colors out, and one of the colors I picked up is named 'Fly Away'. 'Fly Away' is such a fitting name for this color because it looks just like a cloudless, blue sky. This is such a tart shade of bright blue, and it's really just lovely for Spring or Summer. Having this color on my toenails just screams, "Take me to the beach!"
     In the pictures below, I have two coats on, plus a clear coat on top. This formula is really easy to apply and stays on for several days, which is surprising because it's only $1.99. I really love this color, especially for a pop of color on my toes. I definitely recommend checking this out at your local Walgreens!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

OPI 'San Tan-Tonio' Nail Lacquer from the Texas Collection

     OPI San Tan-tonio is a part of the recent OPI Texas Collection, and it is a creamy caramel color. I originally purchased this color because I had seen it on another beauty blog, and the color was a gorgeous tan color. When I went to go purchase some colors from this collection, I automatically picked up this color, because I knew I wanted to try it.
     This color is opaque in two coats, and I really think you have to have a certain skin tone for this color to look good on. I liked it at first because it's a good neutral color that you could wear to work without blinding anybody. ;) However, after a couple of days, I thought it just looked muddy and blah. The wear time was pretty good, and when I took it off after a few days there were barely any chips. If neutrals are your style and you like a good tan/caramel color, definitely check this out!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Being Scan-happy for the First Time!

     Is a bad thing when you ask the store clerk where to start a gift registry, and she automatically asks me if it's for a baby registry before I can get the word 'wedding' out of my mouth? :) As if I didn't already have enough stress to tone down for the wedding! Now I am going to have to re-evaluate my Operation Wedding Dress Diet! Just kidding. I just laughed it off and proceeded to follow the instructions on the in-store kiosk to offically start my wedding registry. Today was a first for me. I have been dreaming of this day for a very long time - my fiance and I started a wedding registry today for our upcoming nuptials in October. Yes, I have been dreaming of toting that little scanner around a retail store for forever now, gleefully choosing items for my future house, not because I want to pick out gifts, but because of what it means for us as a couple in terms of a new step in our lives together.
     One of the moments from when we were registering today keeps playing over and over in my head. I can still see it clearly. We had just started scanning items when I stopped and placed my hands on Sean's face, his beard rough against my palms, looked him in the eyes, grinned and half-jokingly said, "This is a milestone for us. We will remember this for the rest of our lives!" He smiled back at me and said something along the lines of me being goofy as usual.
    However 'goofy' I was being, in all honesty, we really will remember our first experience registering for the rest of our lives. I will remember the way we would choose a skillet or a pot, and Sean would lift the box and find the barcode for me to scan, I will remember randomly bumping into my future brother and sister-in law shopping at the same store for their new baby, and I will remember the plates that I had first picked out that Sean hated. :) I will remember that before we scanned anything, we were searching for our first item, and I was asking Sean, "Do we need this? Let's scan that!" about different things, and he said I was just being scan-happy. Haha (Even though it was funny watching Sean scan items, because although he may act like it wasn't a big deal, I could tell he enjoyed it just as much as I did!) When we did finally find our first item, it was a long lamp that you put in your living room beside a couch or a chair, he picked up the box, and before I scanned, I asked him if he wanted to put his finger on the scan trigger along with mine, just so we can scan our first item at the same time. I was kidding around, and he said,"Just scan the thing!" Haha
     There are many moments I will remember from today, but most of all, I will remember the fact that it was our first time choosing together things that we will both own. It will be the first time that something won't be mine or his, but ours. For me, today meant picking out things that will reside in the home we will start together, choosing things that will symbolize the meshing of two people's lives into one.

Friday, March 11, 2011

OPI Nail Lacquer in 'Take the Stage'

     OPI 'Take the Stage' nail lacquer was a part of the Holiday Burlesque collection, and it is a shimmery deep copper color, and it really is lovely. This color is very unique; it kind of reminds me of a glittery pumpkin! lol It's so beautiful; it also looks like a new, shiny penny. This color would be perfect for Fall, but honestly, it's so gorgeous, I'd wear it anytime!
     OPI nail lacquers are normally $8.50, however I got this one on clearance for $4.99. Two coats were applied in the pictures below.
What do you think?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Feel Precious with Orly Royal Velvet Nail Polish!

     I first saw the Orly Precious Nail Polish Collection at Sally Beauty Supply, and I knew I had to pick up a couple of colors. The collection includes (bottom, from left to right) Porcelain, Gilded Coral, Fancy Fuschia, Ancient Jade, Sapphire Silk, and Royal Velvet.

     Royal Velvet looked so gorgeous in the bottle, I quickly snatched that one up, along with Fancy Fuschia. I am contemplating going back and getting Porcelain, Gilded Coral, and Ancient Jade. They are not must-haves for me, but they are pretty colors. Sapphire Silk just looks really plain.
     After I had used three coats of Royal Velvet, the color was breathtaking, and I couldn't quit looking at my nails. This is really one of my favorite nail polishes I've ever worn. It is a deep blue with a purple and red duo-chrome, and in different lights it definitely turns from blue to reddish purple. I love it! The first nail chipped slightly on the fourth day, and the pictures below are from the fifth day of wear.

I was really impressed with this color, and they are $6-7 each at Sally Beauty Supply and Ulta.

What do you think? What colors spark your interest from this collection? Would you wear Royal Velvet?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Backstage with Stila's Eyeshadow Palette

     Stila's Backstage eyeshadow palette was released in the Fall of 2010, but you can probably still find it on, eBay, or  Stila's eyeshadows are so buttery, smooth and pigmented. I actually bought two of these because I had already purchased one, and then Stila had a free gift promotion, so I bought another one, and I don't regret it!
     This palette contains 0.39 oz. of eyeshadow, and from left to right, top to bottom, the colors are Chiffon, Flamingo, Pacific, Luster, Poetic, and Coal.

Chiffon is a peachy nude with tons of shimmer. I probably use this color the most because it's really easy for an all over eyelid color. Then you can use another color for the crease.
Flamingo is a fuschia hot pink with a very subtle purple sheen. I haven't played around with this color much, but I can't wait to mix it with some oranges and golds for summer!
Pacific is just like it sounds - like the deep blue ocean. It's a gorgeous inky blue color with a slight blurple sheen.
Luster is a beautiful mocha color. This is a great option for a tame work-place eye look, you could put this in the crease, along with Chiffon on the eyelid.
Poetic is this mysterious mauve color that is slightly grey in some lights, and a dark lavender in others. This shade is really unique.
Coal is really gorgeous, but I am curious about the name. I would think a color with Coal as its name would be a black/grey combination. But, no, this is a dark, emerald teal that is perfect for green lovers.

In the look below, I used Chiffon all over the eyelid and then Poetic in the crease and in the outer corner with Urban Decay's Perversion eyeliner on the upper lashline and lower waterline.
What do you think? What kind of look would you create with this palette?