Friday, February 25, 2011

You'll Become a 'Spoiled Brat' with this Wet N Wild trio!

For some reason I did not think I was going to like this color combination, but I was really, really pleased with it! It's the next of the Spring 2011 Wet N Wild Eyeshadow collection, and it is named 'Spoiled Brat.' It contains a metallic silver, a semi-matte black, and a semi-matte magenta pink. The reason I say semi-matte is because the black is a matte color, but it contains just a little bit of glitter. From the picture below, you can barely see the glitter. The magenta pink looks matte at first glance, but it has a slight purple sheen to it in some lights. This eyeshadow has incredible staying power for such a low price ($1.99/2.99 at CVS, Walgreens, and Target), as long as you have a proper primer underneath. The pictures below were taken at 7am this morning, and by 10pm, the eyeshadow was still going strong. As Lloyd says in 'Dumb and Dumber', I like it a lot! :)

In the pictures below, 'Spoiled Brat' is the three middle swatches.

In the look below, I feel like I am doing some crazy 80's makeup! lol I really enjoyed this trio because the colors are so fun to wear. I simply used the silver eyeshadow on the inner corner of the lid and the pink color on the outer lid and blended. To get the 'V' shape at the edges, I put my foundation on after my eye makeup, and swiped foundation in a line under my eyeshadow with my foundation brush. I got a clean eyeshadow line this way. I didn't use the black color in the look below because I was going to work and didn't want to have a dark smokey eye in the day time. I will use the black color in a look and post pictures soon, though.

These eyeshadows have such great pigmentation, and I definitely recommend checking them out before they become hard to find, because beauty bloggers all over are raving about them! I think silver and pink make such a funky spring look. What are your thoughts?


  1. I LOVE the silve/pink on you it looks amazing... I really need to go by CVS and get some of these palettes!

  2. You look so beautiful with those colors. I think I'm going to CVS and check out all the pretty colors myself.

  3. @Blonde By Design: Thank you! I really loved these colors together! I never combined these colors before. You really should go check them out, they have a whole collection! :)

  4. @Suse aloo: Thank you! Are you enjoying your Wet N Wild eyeshadow trio?

  5. This so pretty, such a gorgeous "spring is coming" look!!

  6. @Mary Wilkey, thank you! I can't wait until Spring! :)