Saturday, February 5, 2011

NARS Lip Gloss in Misbehave

     NARS lip gloss in Misbehave is a semi-sheer ruby red grapefruit color with gold sparkles. I actually love this lip gloss because it is low-maintenance, meaning I can keep it in my pocket at work and just add a swipe from time to time. It is not sticky, nor does it feel uncomfortable when it starts to wear off - when it wears off, it just kind of disappears until you reapply. I can probably get a couple of hours of wear time with this gloss.

     However, there are two not-so-great aspects of this lip gloss.

1. Smell - this lip gloss has this strange plastic smell to it. You don't really notice it after application, but you can smell it when you pull the applicator out of the tube.

2. Price - this lip gloss retails on the NARS website and at Sephora for $24. Yeah. A big chunk of change. Luckily, I bought this gloss at a lower price on eBay, but you have to watch when you buy cosmetics on eBay, because in the past, I have unknowingly bought some fakes. If you can find a good deal, and you're pretty sure they're real, then you have a steal.

Do I think it's worth $24? No. I do think it's better than a drugstore lipgloss, and I would probably price it somewhere between $10-$15 based on other glosses on the market.

     You can see in the photos above that while it does have a nice color, it is sheer enough to wear to work, or with a dark smokey eye. My favorite look to pair this with is a nice gold eyeshadow with black liner on my waterline and upper lash line. A simple look, and this gloss goes wonderfully with golds and peaches.
     As I said, this gloss is what I use when I don't feel like putting much effort in my lips, but when I still want a very shiny, just bitten lip color.
     I do recommend this gloss if you can catch it on sale or at a discount cosmetics store.

This product was made in Canada.


  1. I didn't like it. It looked like it left spots on your lips:( Susie

  2. If you look on their website (nars) this one looks fake..mine was :/ this is in the larger than life tube (lipgloss and larger than life lipglosses look different. ..misbehave doesnt come in this tube)