Friday, February 11, 2011

A Closer Look at MAC Wonder Woman Lipstick in Marquise'd

     Ah, love at first wear. :) There is a rare, magical occurence when a lipstick is just the perfect color. It makes you giddy, you want to tell all your girlfriends (heck, even some of your guy friends, like I did! lol), and you carry that lipstick with you everywhere. If you ever find that lipstick, you never let it go!
     MAC's Wonder Woman lipstick in Marquise'd is the perfect peachy-nude. It's definitely a 'my lips, but better' lipstick. I believe Marquise'd could suit anybody, any skin-tone, and any skin color. You could wear it with a dark, smokey eye. You could wear it for an all-natural look. However and whenever you wear it, it's a very comfortable, soft, gorgeous color of lipstick. And you can't beat that packaging! I love the red and blue Wonder Woman tube, it's so much more exciting than plain, 'ol black. And the box is even cuter with a very colorful Wonder Woman on the front.
     The only bad thing I would say about Marquise'd is that it's not as moisturizing as I would like, but you could always add a gloss on top. (Wonder Woman Emancipation lipglass, anyone?)
     This is definitely a must-have of this collection. I would hurry to your MAC counter if you had planned on purchasing this, because I believe it's already sold out online.

Below: Marquise'd in direct sunlight
Below: Marquise'd outside in shade

Below: Marquise'd inside with flash


  1. I love it! I might have to buy me some of that lipstick:)

  2. Love it!!!!!!!!!!! I really like the way it looks in the sunlight!!!

    I need to put aside some money so I can buy me some! (:

  3. It would be so pretty on both of you! ☺