Tuesday, February 8, 2011

MAC Soiree Nail Lacquer

     I've decided to include a review on this nail lacquer now because I believe it is still available, even though it is limited edition. It is a part of the MAC Cham-pale collection, which launched on December 26 of last year. MAC Nail Laquers retail for $13, and this color is a very bronzy-metallic gold, and in some lights it even looks like rose gold.

     I chose this color because I love all things metallic, and this polish is a perfect neutral gold. However, the formula is thin and it only lasts for a couple of days on me with two coats plus one clear coat. The color is very pretty, but this nail polish isn't the best formula in the world, and it would be nice to have if it didn't chip so much and would last longer. Sadly, I may return it. It doesn't make sense to have a nail polish that doesn't last long!                 

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