Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stila Lip Glaze Stick in Orange

     Stila's Lip Glaze Stick in Orange is pure, soft, glossiness. It's like a lipstick and a lip gloss all in one. It's a big chubby orange/coral lip glaze pencil with specks of glitter, and it is so soft, so easy to apply, and it lasts at least a few hours on me. (Keep in mind that in the photos below, the pencil is not sharpened, as I have used it plenty since it was new!)

     Stila's Lip Glazes are so easy to apply, they're just like huge lip pencils, and they don't make your lips sticky at all. I love these pencils because they are easy to just throw in your bag to make touch-ups throughout the day.
     In the picture of the color on my lips below, you can see how shiny this lip glaze is, as there is no lip gloss over top; the lip glaze is the only product on my lips.
     These lip glazes are currently not availabe on, however, they are available at a spectacular price on the great website for $3.49 in this color. You can't beat that price at all! It's really hard to find a even a quality lipstick for that price! I would recommend this lip glaze 100 times over, as it is a lovely shade for Spring and Summer!

Product made in USA.


  1. Don't know to many people that can pull off wearing red lipstick. It looks really good on you:)