Saturday, September 29, 2012

This Week Through Instagram

     There is a craft blog I follow that has a post every now and then of Instagram pictures throughout her week, and I thought the idea was so cool that I decided to do an Instagram post on here every now and then. I can't remember that particular blog I follow at this time, but when I remember I will update and let you know! So here is my week through Instagram!

This is Gavin, one of my two nieces and me!

 I found this awesome canvas print for my bathroom at TJMaxx. My bathroom is decorated in burgundy, black, and white. I love what this print says, and it reminds me of my husband! ♥

Here's a crazy bee I saw while I was jogging outside! Yeah, I stopped to take the picture! lol 

Gavin loves Elmo! 

My parents built this fire in the backyard and we roasted hot dogs for dinner! It was actually chilly outside and it really felt like Fall!  

My Jack, the Pumpkin Head I bought at Bath and Body Works last year. I have put pumpkin decorations in my kitchen, and I love how I can put a candle in this and make it glow!

More pumpkin decorations in my kitchen!

This was my view when I was eating lunch on my lunch break. I love sitting with the windows down when there's a breeze outside! 

Here is the guacamole my mom and I made one Saturday for lunch! It was so fun shopping for the vegetables and making it together that day! 

Pumpkin towels in my kitchen! 

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! ☺


  1. I love all your fall decor! So cute! I almost love fall decor as much as I do Christmas decor lol I hope you and your hubby have a great weekend!! Roll Tide!!
    Mary Suits

  2. Love reading your blogs. I love fall time. When it is fall it bring football and I don't like football!!

  3. Thanks, Mary! I know, between Fall and Christmas ~ I just love this time of year! Roll Tide, girl! ☺

  4. Haha, Mom, I know I guess football comes with the good! LOL Thank you for reading!