Saturday, March 10, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Mani #2: Irish Tuxedo

     How is everyone's weekend so far? My weekend is off to a great start, I spent the morning with my husband before he went to work, and tonight I am going shopping with my mom.
     Today I am going to show you another St. Patrick's Day manicure called the Irish Tuxedo. I did a black and white tuxedo pedicure a few weeks ago here. I've been wanting to do a tuxedo manicure for a while now, so I decided to do a green one for SPD.
     First, I used one coat of Get A Clue and one coat of Incognito from Color Club's Alter Ego Collection. I used one coat of each color to try and get a nude color for my base, but it ended up being more pink than nude. In the end, though, I liked how the green and pink looked together.
     I then used green acrylic paint to paint the bow ties and tips, and then I used my dotting tool from Sephora to make the buttons. The acrylic paint keep peeling off of my tips, so I put a coat of Revlon Emerald City over the paint on my tips to make the manicure last longer. I then topped everything off with a coat of Poshe.

 The picture below was right after I was finished, before I cleaned the paint from my skin around the nails. 

     Overall, I really really liked this manicure. The hardest part was making a straight line for my tips. This manicure is a somewhat toned down SPD manicure, but I just love how the green looked! I'm calling this the Irish Tuxedo manicure! 
     What do you think? Have you every tried a tuxedo manicure?


  1. very pretty! I want to paint some flowers on my toes. How do I go about doing that?

  2. I would get a dotting tool and try it that way, or use acrylic paint and tiny brushes. You should let me experiment sometime!