Monday, March 5, 2012

Sinful Colors Neptune

     Boy, I need a vacation. Somewhere away from work, and laundry, and schedules, and cleaning, and sleepiness! My husband and I definitely, definitely need a weekend away together somewhere ASAP!
     So, imagine, what I thought when I walked into Walgreens and saw this beautiful, serene, and breezy display of a new Sinful Colors collection:

     Does that background photo not just make you want to pack up your things and fly away to an all-inclusive resort with crystal-clear turquoise water and around-the-clock couples massages?? *Sigh* 
     Instead, I settled for this:

     At least I can close my eyes and dream (and smell this tropical candle, of course). LOL

     But, I did bring a couple of those gorgeous polishes home with me, and Neptune was one of them.

     Neptune is a dark, denim blue with silver shimmer. I used two coats in the photos below. At first, the application was fine. When I was applying the second coat, the polish seemed to become a little "goopy." You can also see tip-wear in the photos below, and this was less than 24 hours after application. I don't know if the tip-wear is from the polish, or from the new Poshe top coat I'm trying out. 
     However, I love this color. It's very different from the colors I've been wearing lately, and it's a nice blue without being too loud. And, for $1.99, you can't really go wrong! 
     Check out the photos below! Oh, and I added a coat of China Glaze Luxe and Lush on my accent nail because I got it in the mail today, and I just couldn't resist. ☺

     What do you think? Are cool, blue waters and sand calling your name, or just the polish? ;)


  1. That color is soo pretty, makes me wanna go to the beach and I don't even like the beach lol

  2. Girl! I wish I was at the beach right now!!! LOL Crystal clear, blue waters are calling my