Saturday, March 3, 2012

China Glaze Magnetix Cling On

     Magnetic nail polish has been really popular this year, and many brands have released their own magnetic nail polish line. Cling On is a part of the China Glaze Magnetix collection, and it is a shimmery olive green. Unlike the Icing Magnetix collection, where the magnet was located on the top of the brush cap, the magnet for the China Glaze polish you have to buy separately, and the magnet has three different designs. I will update this post with some pictures of the magnet soon.
     The instructions are the same with the China Glaze magnetic polish as with the Icing magnetic polish I reviewed here. You just paint your nails with the polish and hold the magnet close enough to the nail to allow the design to appear, without letting the magnet touch the nail. I normally paint one coat first, and then paint a second coat, and then hold the magnet close to the nail.
     I really, really liked how Cling On turned out. A special thanks goes to my friend Amanda for letting me try out this polish on her nails. ☺ Cling On is such a gorgeous shade of green, and the magnetic design really comes out sharp, and looks unique.

With flash:
 I just love the look of this polish and design!
 I love the contrast from light to dark lines:

     You can find this collection at Sally Beauty Supply or What do you think of Cling On? Do you like the magnetic nail polish trend?


  1. I love the color and design! I've been wanting to try some of the magnetic polish. I do have two questions though, does the polish last any longer or shorter than normal? And is the formula any different?

  2. I think the magnetic design is really cool! I've had my done before and really like it!

  3. Mary, I think it lasts probably the same amount, and the formula dries more quickly. I feel like you have to hurry to place the magnet near the nail to get a good design. Let me know if you try it! ☺

    Thanks for reading, Susie! ☺☺☺