Thursday, March 1, 2012

China Glaze Solar Power

     China Glaze Solar Power was originally released in the China Glaze Ecollection in 2008. I got lucky and found Solar Power at Sally Beauty Supply for $1.99 on clearance, so I decided to give it try. First, let me say that the application for this polish was horrible! The formula was very runny, and I ended up with uneven lines near my cuticles. Also, in the pictures below you will see some bumpiness and there is a bubble on my ring finger nail! What is up with that? This polish just may be old, since the collection was released four years ago.
     Besides the formula, Solar Power is a bright, mustard yellow with subtle shimmer. I know this, because when I asked my husband what he thought about my nails, he said, "They look mustard-y." ☺
     Solar Power is very bright and fun, and it definitely puts me in the mood for summer. However, I wish the formula was more user-friendly. Until I find a better yellow, this one will live in my stash. ☺

     What do you think? Do you like yellow nail polish?


  1. For a $1.99 I think its a steal!! I love the color reminds me of a bumblebee!!! :-)

  2. I think you can wear any nail polish and it looks good!

  3. Mary Suits - Yeah, it was definitely a good price, and maybe I should do some bumblebee nail art with it? lol

    Susanne - Thanks, you are too sweet!!

  4. I love the color!