Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Super Cheesy Bean Dip

     A couple of weeks ago I put together a cheesy bean dip that I thought I would share with you today! I was really craving some cheese and beans, so here is how I made it.

     I turned my slow cooker on low, and added a block of cream cheese, a can of chili beans, and a jar of the Tostitos Bean & Cheese Dip, and let that cook on low for two hours, stirring intermittently. After two hours, I added two packages of Cheddar and Monterrey Jack cheese blocks, stirred them in the mixture, and then let it cook for another two hours.
     After four hours total, it was wonderful! It was so cheesy, and if you are a bean lover, you will love this. My parents and I ate this dip all weekend.


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