Thursday, May 17, 2012

F4Polish Pink Penguin

     Ok, so the people who make and sell Indie nail polish on Etsy right now are really knocking it out of the park with so many beautiful creations! One of the shops on Etsy right now that makes nail polish is f4polish, and the polish is hand-blended by three sisters. Here is a link for their shop - f4polish
     I ordered Pink Penguin because it looked unique from anything else I've seen before. Pink Penguin is described as "a clear base with black and white matte fine glitters and matte pink hex glitters." Matte glitters are so popular in the Indie nail polish world right now because you just can't get them in mail stream lines like OPI and China Glaze. It's also because they're so cool!
     Let me show you some pictures of Pink Penguin:

 The pictures above and below are of two coats of Pink Penguin over Sinful Colors Pink Forever.

 I love the combination of black, pink, and white in this polish! 
 Above is one coat of Pink Penguin over Sinful Colors Pink Forever

 Two coats
 I wish I had used black polish underneath instead so the pink hex glitters would be more obvious!
 With Flash, Two Coats

 With flash, One Coat

     So, what do you think of Pink Penguin? I will say that f4polish has great customer service because after I saw pictures of this polish, I messaged them and asked when it would be available again, and they sent me a message saying they were about to re-list the polish, and if I didn't get one that they would create a custom listing for me. That was pretty nice of them!
     I definitely recommend checking f4polish out!


  1. I bought a mini bottle of this and LOVE it. I NEED a big one now! Looks great on you!

  2. I totally love it!!

  3. Thanks, Maribeth! It's a great combo of glitters! :)

    Thanks, Mom! :)

  4. i love this - i ordered from them the other day but this was out of stock - i checked again now and its back so i just got this TOO! thanks for posting it, it reminded me to look!!

  5. Great! I'm glad you were able to get a bottle of it! :) Thanks for reading!