Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pretty & Polished Jawbreaker

     I remember going to the candy store when I was younger, and once or twice I got one of those huge jawbreakers, and I remember it took a very long time to finish those things! It seemed like no matter how much you licked it or tried to bite a piece off, there was always a lot left to eat! Looking back on that now, it probably wasn't good for my teeth to bite candy that hard, or eat all that sugar. 
     However, Pretty & Polished has a polish named Jawbreaker that allows you to enjoy all of the pretty colors of the candy! 
     Jawbreaker is a beautiful cream colored polish with various shapes of red, blue, and yellow glitter floating in the polish. I just love how colorful this polish is! 
     I didn't have any problems with application, except that it was difficult to get any of the red square glitter on the nail. I think the red glitter sticks to the sides and the bottom of the bottle. 
     This polish is perfect for Spring! 

     What do you think about Jawbreaker? Do you own any of Pretty & Polished nail polish? You can purchase Pretty & Polished on Thanks for reading! 

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