Saturday, March 9, 2013

Heavenly Harvest Pork Roast

     I've been wanting to bring out my slow cooker again for a while now, and I decided to try this pork roast recipe that I found in my slow cooker cook book!

     My husband brought this slow cooker cook book to me after a trip to the store, because he knows I love slow cooker recipes. Isn't he sweet? Or maybe he's trying to give me a hint to cook more often....

     Here is the 4.74 lb. pork roast that we bought at the store. It was a Tyson roast.

     Per the recipe, I put the sugar and pomegranate juice in a saucepan and stirred it together until the sugar dissolved, and then poured it over the roast in the slow cooker. My husband 'massaged' the seasoning into the roast, and I cut the two pears up and placed them on the roast, and instead of an orange, I cut up two mandarins and placed them on the roast because I already had them and needed to use them up.

     Here is the yumminess 9 hours later. I woke up for work Friday morning and could smell this roast all the way upstairs, and it smelled delicious!!

     And I ate it for lunch....

     And dinner!

     One of the many reasons I love cooking with a slow cooker is because the meat is just so tender! This pork roast was delicious, and it was very easy to cut out portions. I could definitely taste the sweetness from the pomegranate juice and sugar, and getting some of the juice from the bottom of the slow cooker to eat along with the meat enhanced the flavor. I would probably add some more of the mixture of seasonings for the next time I make this roast, because I felt like the flavors from the steak seasoning and garlic powder was a little lost inside the sweetness of the fruit.
     Do you like cooking with a slow cooker? What are some of your favorite recipes? Thanks for reading! 


  1. It was good! I had a bite... yummmm

  2. Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. ☺