Thursday, July 5, 2012

Savvy Femme Couture Chocolate

     With all these neon nail polish releases here lately, I've been craving dark nails. That's why I chose to wear Savvy Femme Couture Chocolate in July. ☺
     I actually got Chocolate on clearance at Sally's a while back for $1.99! Anytime you can get polish that cheap, you've got a deal!
     Pictured below are two coats of Chocolate. I also have Seche Vite over Chocolate as a top coat, but my nails aren't really that shiny here, because I took this picture after being at work all day. :(
     I loved Chocolate, and the bronze/copper shimmer is amazing. Check out the clearance section at your local Sally's next time you are there!

Thanks for reading!! ☺


  1. Really pretty. You inspire me to do my nails right now!!

  2. I love it!!!!!!

  3. Thanks, E. Cortez! What did you end up painting your nails with?
    Thanks, Susie! ☺