Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sinful Colors Daredevil

     Wow! This might just be my favorite pink nail polish to date!! I mean it is just bright, fluorescent, bubblegum pink! Sinful Colors just keeps knocking out one great nail polish after another, and Daredevil is definitely one of them!
     I stumbled upon Daredevil back Sinful Colors was on sale at Walgreen's for 99 cents, and I am definitely glad I bought it! The formula on this polish was PERFECT. Two easy, effortless coats that applied like butter. Daredevil also has a fuchsia flash in the light that complements the pink so well. You just can't find a better deal than this!
     Check out the photos below...

     This is just THE perfect pink! I'm smitten with Daredevil. :)

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