Sunday, January 22, 2012

Red and White Polka Dots

Hello, everyone! I have a polka dot mani to show you guys today. I had seen a lot of dotted manicures around the web, and while I have tried to make dots with a nail polish brush before, they just didn't come out completely round. So I finally went to Sephora and bought a dotting tool (My husband said, "A what tool?" lol) for about $7, and I love it so much I pretty much carry it around with my day-to-day emergency nail tools.
First, I painted my nails with one of my favorite reds, Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby. I painted an accent nail on my ring finger with Sinful Colors Snow Me White. Ruby Ruby flows great, but Snow Me White was patchy and reminded me a little of white-out, but that was the only white polish I had on hand. I then took my dotting tool and used white acrylic paint that I bought at Wal-Mart and dotted white on the red. I then dotted red acrylic paint on the white accent nail, but it looked too orange to me, so I went over the red dots with a red glitter. A little bling and some dots. ^_^
 Please excuse the dry hands and the pen marks, I was at work when I took these photos. ☺
So, what do you think? Do you like polka dot manicures? Have you ever used a dotting tool? 


  1. when are you going to paint my nails? I love the polka dots!