Thursday, June 23, 2011

Crackle Time! with Sally Hansen and Sinful Colors

     Ok, so just like James Durbin wanted to "give metal a chance," I wanted to give crackle nail polish another chance. In the past, I've done black crackle over red, black crackle over pink, silver crackle over green, and while I think the concept is interesting, I usually get tired of the "crackle look" after a day. Yet, I still get sucked into trying out new crackle colors. I don't know, I think it's the novelty of it; I just love watching the polish "crack" on my nails. ☺
     So, I stopped at Walgreens to see what new nail polish goodies were on display (I've heard that Sinful Colors is coming out with a collection similar to the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides collection, and I can't wait to get my hands on them!). I picked up Sinful Colors Dream On, which is a darker, neon (contradictory, eh?) fuchsia and a Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat Vintage Violet. I wanted to try a crackle combination that wasn't so in-your-face; I wanted two colors without so much contrast. So, I paired these two beauties together, and Voila!

My mom said I have Monster Nails, and that they look like cracked wounds! Yuck! However....

     I actually really like this combination together. It's more subtle, and inside you have to look really close to see that there is crackle polish on top. Outside, however, is a different and beautiful story. ☺ Outside in the sunlight, Dream On underneath turns into a juicy red grape/wine color that is just begging to peak out from the darker violet duo-chrome crackle on top. Love!!!
     Dream On took either two thick coats or three thin coats to be opaque, and it dried matte, which wasn't a problem after a top coat. I really, really love this color; it would look great even by itself.
    Vintage Violet was an interesting crackle polish, and on some nails it didn't crack as much as I would have liked, but that may be because I didn't wait long enough for Dream On to dry completely. I did have Vintage Violet chip on my thumb nail today, so that's a total of one whole day without a chip, which isn't very pleasant.

Overall, I love this crackle combo. What are some crackle combos you have tried and loved?

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  1. they look like boo boo fingernails! They look like they have split open your fingernails.