Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Zoya Tanzy Swatches

     Tanzy is one of the colors from the Zoya Sunshine Summertime 2011 collection, and it is a mix of peach and orange with golden shimmer laced through that is perfectly gorgeous for this time of year. Unlike Kimmy, Tanzy is a lot more sheer and requires more coats for better color payoff. In the photos below, two coats were used, but I think with three coats the color would be more opaque. I have just recently found the nail polish brand Color Club, and I am really impressed with it so far! For the polkadots on the ring finger I used Color Club's 'Rebel Debutante' from the Rebel Debutante collection of 2010, which is a bright, creamy green. Let me know what you think of Tanzy! What color polkadots would go well with this color? Do you have any other nail design ideas?


  1. I really like this color. It's a great color for the summer. I like the green polkadots too:)