Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Year Almost Gone

After getting off work today, an extremely cold day, by the way (30 degrees when I left the house and 42 degrees when I left work), I noticed that the day was beautiful. I mean, a sun-shining, icy-cold day kind of beautiful. I drove home, and my house sits on a hill, so when I arrived I was able to see the blue and purple mountains in the distance through brown barren trees. I love winter. There is just something cozy about piling a bunch of clothes on, and then still having to put a coat on over all that. Don't get me wrong, I love warm temperatures, too. I just believe there is a season for everything, and right now, it's the season for winter.

That's why I feel hestitant to let the New Year roll in (and that's beside the fact that I won't even be in the country for the first 10 days). I mean, yes, this year has been....different for me. It has been frustrating and disappointing in more ways than one. I have been impatient with school and my job, and not to mention worrying about minor health issues. Yet, I was still able to fall more in love with my boyfriend of more than three years. :)

However, I just feel like I didn't get enough of the Christmas holiday, and it was over and gone like a speeding train disappearing into the night. I love Christmas. I mean, I really, really love Christmas. I had a small tree up in my house in September, and I had to sneak it in while my mom was at work. I just feel like it came up on me too fast, and was gone before I could really enjoy it. This whole month has had its stresses, but overall, I really loved it. The funny thing is, I wish I would have enjoyed it more at the time instead of looking back into the haze of my memories and feeling a sinking feeling in my stomach because those times have passed.

As much as a love Christmas, I almost equally hate the days that follow. When the joy of Christmastime is over, it feels like a huge balloon has popped. It feels like a room where the heat has been turned off and all that is left it the biting cold.

But I can only look forward now with optimism toward the New Year. I hope next year is a great year. I plan to graduate college in May, and then a whole new life for me will begin. I hope to encounter other new beginnings in my life as well, and those I won't mention here, not yet.

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