Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Clement C. Moore

I know this is really random, but I have learned a lot in the past few days about Clement C. Moore and the history of "The Night Before Christmas".
According to legend, Clement C. Moore wrote "A Visit from St. Nicholas", which is now known as "The Night Before Christmas", for his family on Christmas Eve of 1822. Moore did not even want the poem to be published, but a friend of the family found out about the poem from Moore's children and submited it to the editor of the Troy (New York) Sentinel, where it was published first on December 23, 1823.
Did you also know that the story of Santa entering through the chimney came soley from "The Night Before Christmas"? The main enterance we all know of today hadn't even been heard of before this poem.
Moore was the first to actually give names to Santa's reindeer. He is also credited with creating the modern image of Santa Claus as a jolly, fat man in a furry red suit.
I did not realize how essential this man is to our Christmas traditions.
Even now, almost two hundred years later, it is the most-published, most-read, most-memorized and most-collected book in all of Christmas literature.

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