Sunday, April 29, 2012

A England Order of the Garter

     When A England was having a sale a few weeks back, I knew I had to get a couple of polishes from The Legends Collection. The Legends is A England's second nail polish collection, the first being The Mythicals. Adina Bodana, A England's creator, has created another gorgeous mix of polishes, and Order of the Garter is one of them.
     This is the story Adina has based The Legends Collection on:

     The epic tale of St. George and the dragon is shrouded in much mystery, but at its core it is a tale of incredible bravery and honour. The story begins with a prosperous kingdom, a king and his lovely daughter, and a tyrannical dragon that terrorizes the land unless he is appeased by a sacrificial maiden. In the name of fairness, the king devised a lottery system where the names of all eligible girls are added; It was a terrible day when the king drew his own daughter's name to be sacrificed, the pure of heart Princess Sabra, but she faced her fate stoically. Along came the sainted knight George, and upon viewing the doomed maiden tied to a tree, took it upon himself to challenge and ultimately slay the dragon, thereby freeing the land from its thrall and restoring peace to the kingdom.  (Source)

     To see the complete collection swatched, and to read a more in-depth take on the story behind the collection, I highly recommend checking out Fashion Polish's blog about The Legends here.

     According to A England's website, Order of the Garter is:

     Known as England's highest order of chivalry and knighthood, The Order was founded on April 23rd, 1344 by King Edward III, with present day new members continuing to be ordained on April 23rd. Named for the garters that St. George tied around his men's legs during the crusades, their motto is "Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense" which translates to "Shame Upon Him Who Thinks Evil Upon It".

     Now that you know the background of the story behind Order of the Garter, let's look at some swatches of it! 

     Order of the Garter is a gorgeous royal blue with glass flecks that just shimmer in the sunlight! The polish is just beautiful, and while it does not look like an over-the-top, completely unique shade, it definitely stands out in my collection of blues. The first coat was sheer, but the second coat made it opaque. I really love this color. I am excited to have tried out my first A England polish, and I can't wait to try out more. 
     What do you think of Order of the Garter and the story behind The Legends Collection? You can purchase A England polish at with free worldwide shipping.