Saturday, October 16, 2010

Are we going to Scream again?

Hey, I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Tomorrow I plan on going to the local Apple Festival downtown and get my fall goodies this year. This Apple Festival normally has real kettle corn popcorn, many different food vendors, and a lot of cool little jewelry and craft stations. I bought five pairs of earrings last year that were seasonally-themed, and a whole bag of delicious kettle corn popcorn. I can't wait!

Speaking of fall.....Anyone have any good Halloween costumes planned for this year? I've seen a lot of e-mails going around giving tips on how to dress like Lady Gaga. Anyone daring to have a Poker Face or a Bad Romance this Halloween? lol

I also read in a magazine that the movie "Scream 4" is being planned for next April. It will reunite the original cast including Courtney Cox. Are you someone that has to see this latest installment, or are you someone who will pass on this release? I'm one that will pass on this, as I don't do slasher movies too well.

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