Thursday, November 5, 2009


I am amazed how the brain works. I dream every night, and I have a couple of vivid dreams every night that I can remember. But what amazes me is that the tiniest part of my day can be the focus of my dream that night. A person can say one sentence to me about something that isn't even really important, and I could end up having a dream about it that night. It could be one sentence that was said to me that I even had forgotten. And it won't be until the morning when I am reflecting on my dreams that I actually remember what was said to me that started the dream.

I can remember dreams I had when I was really young. Particularly one where I was at my mammaw's house and there was an outbreak of werewolves in my town. I remember seeing a sign on the road she lived on that said, "Warning: Werewolves on the Loose."

Sometimes I remember things from when I was young that no one else remembers and they tell me it was a dream. For example, there is this building in my town that is abandoned and for sale, and has been for years. However, I distinctly remember my mom taking me into that building, she was holding my hand, and I remember my dad was there playing in a band towards the back. No one remembers this but me, so it must have been a dream.

Last night I had a very strange dream. I remember running from someone or something, and my boyfriend and I had to jump in and swim in a very large river to reach the other side. When I jumped in it was very cold water, and we swam a ways until there was this huge wooden thing underneath us. Where it poked out of the river it created islands in the frigid waters. The more I saw it, the more I realized it was a huge sunken ship, rising to the top of the river. It was wooden and so large it took up most of the river. I remember marveling at its colossal size. I remember the wood was dark brown as the water lapped over its side.
We finally got out of the river and began to investigate why the ship was there.

I told you before, the brain amazes me with the things it comes up with.

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